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Research as a pedagogical exercise: How much methodology must a beginner know? (*)

Often, health sciences beginners are ingaged in research.

We intend for "beginners" : a- those who will enter the system in the near future (students in the last years of career or performing as teacher's and/or researcher's assistants.

b - those just entering the system ( interns and residents) c - those who " must" conduct an investigation , but had never did one. Beginners overlooking a world in which research is a current activity, must understand that the research they will do is a special one, aroused ​​from an external demand as an academic duty and not genuine research. For that reason I named it as Curricular Research (CR). We can recognize at least two types: a - Actual CR. The actor must perform the process itself. The main goal is to reach an academic reward (doctorate, master) by solving a scientific problem (elected or imposed): the final product (i.e. scientific paper), must be of good quality. Normally there are deadlines with some elasticity to reach the goal. b - Pro-research : done as a learning exercise for undergraduates or recent graduates (interns, residents, etc.). The main goal is to learn to research (in others words, to learn the scientific method) the final product is less important. It is to a genuine research, what a scale model is a to an actual bridge. Its achievement is a part of training.

The top condition is that should have precisecily established objectives and timing. Is an exercise and must have a result. In order to that skills, knowledge an attitudes to reach, must be established sharply. (Castiglia, 2011) An example of pro-research is the involvement of studens, interns and residents, in research activities in a given facility.

(to be continued)


(*) from Manual de Investigación para Principiantes del mismo autor.

Castiglia VC: Evaluando educandos: ¿ Monografía o Trabajo Científico ?

Inmanencia 2011; 1:40-44

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